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Welcome to Wound Systems

Wound Systems is an independent distributor, committed to providing comprehensive, cost-effective wound care strategies and solutions to hospitals, extended care facilities, and home health organizations.

Under the medical direction of Christopher A. Morrison, MD, CWS and through use of the Dolphin Pad® , Wound Systems provides comprehensive, cost-effective wound care strategies to hospitals, extended care facilities, home health agencies and insurance companies.

Treating and Preventing

pressure ulcers with the Dolphin System. The Dolphin System is the most therapeutically advanced support surface system on the market. To learn more about how you and your patients will benefit from the Dolphin System, follow the link below.

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A Gift from The Dolphins

The Fluid Immersion Simulation technology was originally developed to transport U.S. Navy warrior dolphins over long distances in a healthy, dry environment.

This surface technology breakthrough was monumental for safe and effective marine mammal transportation. It has been just as monumental in helping healthcare providers manage pressure wounds for their human patients.

By using a microprocessor and sophisticated dynamic presure waveform analysis software, the system analyzes the anthropometric characteristics of the dolphin "in suspension" in a three-dimensional volumetric format. This information enables the Dolphin to provide the appropriate pressure-to-surface support that eliminates soft tissue strain and bone-to-muscle compression that harms dolphins and leads to pressure sorts in humans. The same technology that cared for dolphins now takes wound treatment and prevention to an extraordinary level of automated care.


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