The CT Scan Comparison

Treat and Prevent Pressure Ulcers with the Dolphin SystemTM .

CT Scan Advantages

CT Scans allow us to see how the subcutaneous tissue is compressed within the body. It is not only important to have surface pressure be at or below 32mm Hg, but it is also important to have vascular flow throughout the compressed area. Pressure wounds start at he bone and expand outward in a wedge amplification effect. Theoretically, if vascular flow can be maintained at the bone level, than the risk for a pressure ulcer should be minimized.

The CT Scan Study

Two CT Scans were taken of the same individual. One scan was on a Visco-Elastic pad, the other is on the 900T Dolphin OR Pad.


Microsolo 900T Surgical Surface

  • The Microsolo 900Tmaintains the gluteal symmetry and fold because there is minimal distortion.
  • The 900T maintains a normal orientation of bone, muscle, and subcutaneous tissue.
  • Distances from IT to surface of skin actually INCREASE from prone position. Therefore, there is little to no risk for ulcer formation.


Visco-Elastic Pad
(Standard O/R Pad)

  • Under the visco-elastic surface, there is a loss of the gluteal fold as a result of tissue and muscle distortion.
  • It is evident there is a high risk for a pressure ulcer because of the reduced distance between the dermis and ischial tuberosity.