Discover the Dolphin Bed®

Treat and Prevent Pressure Ulcers with the Dolphin SystemTM .

Dolphin Bed® Advantages

Fluid Immersion Simulation®
The Dolphin Bed® surrounds the patient with air. The high tech algorithm adjusts the pressure on every part of the patient is less than 32mm Hg- even the heels!

Heat Dissipation
The Dolphin Bed® is designed to disperse heat and keep the patient cool.

Comfort and Quiet
The Dolphin Bed® operates at quiet noise levels well below that of other beds. Therefore, the bed does not suffer from causing patient disorientation like Air Fluidized surfaces.

What is the 900T?

Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers continues through the use of the convalescent bed and wheelchair surfaces in the acute and long term care settings. The Dolphin Bed® surface replaces the standard hospital bed mattress and is also available in bariatric sizes. The pump/controller fits on the foot of the bed and includes an onboard rechargeable battery for power interruption protection and mobility. Battery operation capability also permits the controller to be adapted to a wheelchair, providing a continuum of pressure reduction wound care and patient mobility. The application of the Fluid Immersion Simulation® technology provides dynamic pressure reduction adjustments every 11 seconds to keep the patient at equilibrium. The Dolphin SystemTM is often used as a clinically effective, cost reduced alternative to Air Fluidized Therapy (AFT).       

The 900T is a software driven pressure redistribution mattress and wheelchair system. Using the same technology that was created for dolphin transportation, the 900T provides an optimal surface for patients with pressure ulcers as well as high risk patients.

The patent-protected Microsolo 900T is the only portable, multi-surface, pressure redistribution system available on the market. The intelligent based software system simulates a fluid environment which enhances the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, skin flaps and grafts. 

Overall Net Savings

Our mission is simple: Our goal of faster healing results in overall net savings. With lower daily rental rates compared to air-fluidized therapy, the use of the Biologics 900Treduces overall costs, improves healing and most of all quality of life.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcer prevalence is increasing as a result of an aging population and increased life expectancy. Research done by Frost and Sullivan indicates that the support surface market size will increase from $935 million in 2001 to $2.09 billion in 2008.