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How Does the Dolphin Bed Work?

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The Dolphin Bed surface “floats” patients on air, simulating a fluid-like environment which limits the force and stress put on a patient’s body while on the bed. With a typical mattress or chair, the surface is dense enough to protect the body from contacting the earth/floor, but it does nothing to help sensitive areas that would be prone to pressure ulcers.

The Dolphin Bed has the technology to simulate and suspend a body in an environment which is less or equal to the molecular density of the subject in suspension. This environment acts as a mechanical energy buffer between the earth and suspended body. It has the intelligence to identify the mass and surface area of the object in suspension, so it can correctly calculate the exact air pressure required to suspend the object in a state of flotation.

Think of a pool float. Sitting on it on concrete isn’t very comfortable. Get on it in the water and bingo! The pool then acts as a true buffer against the transmission of mechanical energy between you and the earth thru flotation.