Treat and Prevent Pressure Ulcers with the Dolphin SystemTM .

Discover the history of Dolphin Technology®

Years ago, the Navy introduced a new program to utilize and train marine mammals. The Navy used dolphins and sea lions for activities such as mine sweeping and retrieval purposes. However, problems arose with transportating these expensive mammals outside an ocean environment. Dolphin's bodies are adapted for total submersion in a fluidized environment. By extracting the dolphins from the water and immediately subjecting them to suffer their own weight, the dolphins developed internal organ damage.

In order to correct this problem, the Navy required a surface that would mimic fluid immersion. As a result, the 900T pressure redistribution technology was developed and contracted to the navy. Effectively, it redistributed pressure points from an object so no specific spot bears a significant amount of pressure over any other location. Although the dolphin transportation problem was solved, there were many other possibilities for the 900T technology.

Today’s Dolphin SystemTM solution applies Fluid Immersion Simulation® technology developed to safely transport US Navy dolphins over long distances in a healthy, dry environment. This totally new surface technology, a major breakthrough for safe and effective marine mammal transportation, is just as remarkable as a system to help healthcare providers manage pressure wounds for their human patients. By using a microprocessor and sophisticated software, the Dolphin 900T analyzes the patient in a three dimensional volumetric format and then provides the appropriate pressure-to-surface support that eliminates soft tissue strain and bone-to-muscle compression that harms Dolphins and leads to pressure ulcers in humans. The same technology that cared for dolphins traveling around the world now takes treatment and prevention to an extraordinary level of cost effective care never before possible.