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Dolphin OR Pad

Dolphin Operating Pad

The Dolphin Pad® is a surgical overlay system that has an active feedback pressure sensor. This feedback loop adjusts the table to have minimal amounts of pressure in all bony prominances.

The Fluid Immersion Simulation Technology, utilized in the treatment of pressure ulcers, has been incorporated in a replacement Operation Room table pad system to reduce the risk of facility-acquired pressure ulcers from surgeries.

The patent-protected Microsolo 900T and Auto Vector are the only portable, multi-surface, pressure redistribution systems available on the market. The intelligent based software system simulates a fluid environment which enhances the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, skin flaps and grafts.

  • Surgical procedures over 3 hours in length put patients at risk for development of pressure ulcers.
  • Statistics show that an average incidence of 7% of all patients enduring procedures over three hours in length develop pressure ulcers during the recovery process.
  • The CMS regulations, implemented October 2, 2008, state that facility acquired pressure ulcers are deemed preventable and the facility bears the cost of treatment, without re-imbursement.

  • OR pad sections are customized to fit your existing OR table tops and secured using existing Velcro strips
  • OR pad components are capable of orientation changes during procedures
  • The Dolpin Pad® actively adjusts to fit each individual uniquely. Only in this way can we ensure the best pressure reduction possible to mitigate the chance of Operating Room acquired pressure ulcers.
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