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Wheel Chair Pad

Wheel Chair Pad for Dolphin

Using the same technology that was created for dolphin transportation, the 900T provides an optimal surface for patients with pressure ulcers as well as high risk patients.

The patent-protected Microsolo 900T is the only portable, multi-surface, pressure redistribution system available on the market. The intelligent based software system simulates a fluid environment which enhances the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, skin flaps and grafts.

  • Protects at-risk patients, or those with existing wounds, while seated
  • Minimizes soft tissue deformation and maintains near normal blood flow
  • Automatically adjusts to each patient's weight, surface area, and repositioning
  • 12 hour battery life allows for active therapy for seated patients
  • Pad can fit stationary chairs, as well as standard and motorized wheelchairs

Installing Your Wheelchair Pad

The most cost-effective, highest performing wound treatment system ever made - and now, easy to transport!

Thinking of getting a wheelchair pad for yourself? Tim Graves delivers an exceptional tutorial on how to install and use your wheelchair pad on your own.

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