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Dolphin Bed

Dolphin Bed

The Dolphin Bed is a multi-surface system that treats sores and prevents pressure ulcers.

Innovative fluid immersion simulation technology essentially "floats" patients on a computer-regulated pad that automatically adjusts and readjusts at numerous pressure points in accordance with the unique weight and contour of each patient.

This maintains proper tissue symmetry to sustain blood flow, alleviate pressure pain, and reduce the occurance of pressure sores. As the only multi-surface pressure redistribution system, the Dolphin provides support therapy throughout the long-term care environment.

  • Economical Solution: Fits your existing equipment to preserve your investments and helps ensure continous wound care in the most cost-effective way.
  • Continuity of Care: Entirely portable, weighing only 10 lbs, and comes with an internal 12 Volt DC battery that lasts up to four hours.
  • Optimum Comfort: Relieves soft tissue strain, stimulates tissue blood circulation. Maximizes patient comfort for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Superior Technology: Accurately measures patient weight and contour and responds to that data every 11 seconds.
  • Fluid Immersion Simulation: Surrounds the patient with air and adjusts pressure on every part of the patient to less than 32mmHg - even the heels!

Why choose Dolphin?

"The average ER patient spends 222 minutes laying on a stretcher. 40% are at risk for pressure wounds. Operating room procedures that last more than four hours triple the risk of tissue damage."

Check out this video made by our friends at Joerns, on how the Dolphin Bed can be so instrumental in recovery.

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